Kyla L. Wright

Kyla L. Wright is the editor-in-chief of Socially Driven. Born and raised in Detroit, Kyla received opportunities to be a spokesperson for many organizations that she was a part of – which is how she discovered her interest in writing and public speaking. To further her education, Kyla pursued her bachelor’s degree in journalism at Hampton University and her master's degree in magazine, newspaper and online journalism at Syracuse University. Beyond writing, Kyla has also had on-camera opportunities with the Orange Television Network, NABJ, and through her YouTube talk show, Kyla’s Korner.



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Socialpreneur: The Socially Driven Podcast

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“I Don’t Want My Cosmetic Line to Be Just About Money”

As I’d just finished my makeup and prepared to record a news standup, a classmate admired my “natural beat,” and told…